BiophotonicsPlus Call

The BiophotonicsPlus call for proposlas has been closed.

The call announcement document still is available for download.

Scope for Applications
There will be two funding lines under this BiophotonicsPlus call:

Line A. Translation into practical applications
Line A is the primary funding line under the joint call and it is intended to invest the majority of the available funds in projects submitted under this line. Line A addresses larger projects typically in the range of 1-3 million € total costs per project.

While the contribution of biophotonics related methods and techniques to biomedical fundamental research is well-recognized and of further increasing importance, many potential improvements of established methods in e. g. doctors’ practices, clinics, rapid tests, quality monitoring of pharmaceuticals etc. have not yet been realized and set into practice. Therefore, whereas investment in basic research will certainly be necessary to enable further progress in the future, a more immediate return on investment can be expected by launching projects to translate existing biophotonic technology and methods.

Already existing biophotonic technology shall be further developed, refined and combined to the stage of pre-commercial demonstrators which should easily be convertible to commercial products. The pre-commercial demonstrator should be used in application fields with a high societal and/or economic relevance for Europe such as medicine, environment, cosmetics, food and drug quality & safety.
Proposals submitted under Line A of the call need to fulfill the following conditions:
  • The proposed project needs to start from a proven photonic method or tool for which the proof-of-principle has already been achieved.
  • The proposed project needs to aim at a specific outcome – preferably a photonic appliance - with the goal of substantially improving or enabling applications in the above mentioned fields, including improvements of cost effectiveness in health care.
  • The outcome of the project needs to be validated during the term of the project, i.e. the demonstrator needs to be tested and validated in an environment close to the application, e. g. clinical environment, point of care.
  • If subsequent steps require a clinical study, a full concept for a clinical study needs to be developed during the term of the project (e. g. in the case of medical applications).
In addition to these mandatory conditions, proposers under Line A are strongly recommended to consider the following:
  • Adequate end‐user (clinics or industry) involvement is vital for achieving the objectives of this funding line and thus strongly recommended. End-users may be involved as full or as associated partners. (It should be noted that application and commercialisation aspects will be vital criteria for the evaluation of the project proposals!)

Line B. Investigation on new tools or methods
Line B offers funding for smaller projects in the field of early application-oriented research with a maximum of total costs per project of 1 million €. Funds to be spent on Line B projects will be limited to a total amount of 2 million €.

Rationale / Objective:
New and emerging techniques may lay dormant which have the potential to pave the way towards innovative solutions to the societal challenges in life sciences and health care. Seed funding shall be provided to promising application-oriented approaches at an early stage of the value chain.

Proposals submitted under Line B of the call need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The method or principle to be investigated must be new and innovative. Project proposals addressing incremental improvements will not be considered for funding.
  • The proposed project needs to aim at achieving a proof of principle for the method / technique to be investigated. The proof of principle needs to be delivered during the term of the proposed project.

In addition to these mandatory conditions, proposers under Line B are strongly recommended to consider the following:

  • Early end‐user (industry or clinics) involvement is highly desired in order to incorporate their needs and requirements from the beginning and in order to prepare for subsequent steps of development. End-users may be involved as associated partners.

It should be noted that project proposals under both lines will compete with each other. They will be reviewed within the same evaluation process and with the same general rules applying. Also, there will be only one joint selection list mixing project proposals from both funding lines.