Eligibility Rules

BiophotonicsPlus is supported by the European Commission, DG CONNECT under the ERANET-Plus scheme. However, it is NOT a FP7 call for proposals but it is implemented under the responsibility of the participating countries and regions. Thus, specific rules for participation apply.

The BiophotonicsPlus competition is open for applicants (legal entities) from the participating countries and regions: Germany, the Tuscany region, Israel, the UK, the Flanders region, the Catalonia region and Latvia.

Eligible project proposals comprise at least two participants (usually enterprises) from at least two participating countries and regions. Participants must be eligible according to the eligibility rules of their respective country or region.

Please note that in most of the participating countries and regions specific restrictions for the participation of research institutes and universities exist which need to be considered.

General Eligibility Criteria
The following general eligibility rules apply to applications under both lines, Line A and Line B. To be considered eligible and to be admitted to the independent transnational evaluation (in the 2nd stage) project proposals need to meet the following criteria:

  • Applications must be submitted and received duly and complete in its entirety before the relevant deadline given in this call announcement.
  • Applications must be written in English.
  • Proposals must clearly address either Line A or Line B and fulfill the respective conditions.
  • The center of gravity of the proposed work must be on optical and photonic technologies.
  • All projects proposals need to address at least one of the following application areas:                                                                                                          
  • Medicine / healthcare
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Environmental protection / surveillance
  • Food and water safety
  • Cosmetics
  • Veterinary medicine
  • At least two independent partners/organisations from at least two participating countries and regions1 have to be involved in the project.
  • Not more than 75% of the total eligible project costs shall be incurred by any single organisation or by the organisations from a single participating country or region.                                                                                                                      
  • Project duration shall be between 24 and 36 months.
  • The full proposal must clearly demonstrate the plan to exploit, apply and/or commercialise the results of the project. The project results must be exploitable in the participating countries and regions and the EU.
The following national eligibility criteria and rules of participation should be considered:


Small, medium and large companies can be funded. Private research centres, universities and other public research entities can participate as subcontractors.

Technically and financially feasible R&D projects based on Biophotonic technologies with an impact increase in the R&D company activities are eligible. 

Personnel costs, external collaborations for R&D activities related to the project, equipment (where applicable), IPR activities (for SME only), other costs such as travelling and management costs are eligible.

Check funding rates and other specific rules for participation at the following website:




The eligibility criteria for Flanders are published on the IWT website if you follow this link:



Project consortia with German participants must include at least one industrial partner (company) based in Germany.

Funding of German participants is available:

  • For companies (funding up to 50% of the total eligible costs; SMEs may receive an additional bonus of up to 10%)
  • For universities and research institutes/organisations (funding up to 100% of the total eligible costs/expenditures).

Companies are expected to contribute to the costs of the BMBF-funded academic and research partners within the project consortium (if any) according to their economic capacity. In general, their contribution should amount to at least 50 % of the total eligible costs on the part of all German participants in the project.

The German call announcement can be found on the following website:


The national regulations AnBest-P, BNBest-BMBF 98 and/or NKBF 98 apply. The documents can be found at following website:



Only industry partners are eligible for funding. Proposals must include a single or multi-year programme that will provide know-how, processes or methods for the manufacture of a new product or the significant improvement of an existing product, or a new process or a significant improvement in an existing process. The product must have a sizeable potential for export sales.

The support is in the form of a conditional grant amounting to 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of the approved R&D budget.

Application forms in Hebrew are available from the following website: www.moital.gov.il/madan.htm

You can also download the form if you click here.


Eligible for funding are research organizations registered in the Register of Scientific Institutions and SMEs registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia.

Participants from Latvia are requested to contact the responsible Latvian funding body (see the section Contacts) for further information.

The Tuscany Region can only fund projects in which there is at least one industrial partner involved. The Tuscany Region cannot fund any projects in which only Tuscany research organizations would be involved.

Participants from Tuscany are requested to contact the responsible Tuscan funding body (see the section Contacts) for further information.

Download the regional call announcement of Tuscany.

United Kingdom
The following national eligibility criteria are relevant for UK project participants:

  • Only UK Industrial partners [Large companies and SMEs] are eligible for funding from the Technology Strategy Board.  Academics are welcome to participate in projects but they have to self fund or secure funding from other sources prior to application.
  • All UK participants must be separate legal entities.
  • Companies with fewer than 5 Full Time staff cannot lead a project, unless agreed prior to application with the Technology Strategy Board.
  • Companies must have been trading for at least 12 months, be VAT registered and have to provide evidence they have the resources and finances to undertake the project.
  • The maximum total grant limit is €300,000 for all UK consortium partners in a single project.
  • No single UK company can:
    a.) receive more than €500,000 from the BiophotonicsPlus call budget;                                                                                                                 b.) be a partner in more than 3 proposals for funding.
  • Subcontracting is limited to 20% of the UK partner grant.

There are specific accountancy rules for Sole Traders & Micro Companies [companies with less than 10 employees]. Claims under the UK grant must be for project costs incurred in the UK, project management must be undertaken by a project participant and cannot be subcontracted. Applications will be reviewed to identify if there are any obvious reasons for exclusion on the basis of national track record such as the participant having already received funding for the same or a very similar activity.

Please consult the TSB website for any further information: