Fraunhofer-Institute for Laser Technology

Organization Type: Research Country: Germany Organization Website: Contact Person: Dr.-Ing. Martin Wehner E-mail address: Address: Steinbachstr. 15 52074 Aachen Germany Phone number: +49 241 8906-202
Expertise of the organization:
Development and optimization of laser beam sources, devices, laser processes and process control. Related to biophotonics expertise in - Laser processes for bio-functionalization of polymer surfaces, spatially resolved surface modification of polymers - Laser modules for 2-photon polymerization and stereo lithography, Photo-induced drug release, cleavage of photo linker - Laser-Induced-Forward-Transfer of cells, proteins and bioactive substances - Temperature-controlled laser fixation of wound dressings - Standoff-detection of fluorescent biosensors

Research interests & project ideas:
• Development of laser modules for biofabrication, integration of laser processes in process chains • Fabrication of micro- and nanostructured scaffolds, bioactive implants • Combination of laser polymerization with inkjet and printing • Photo functionalization, test and development of new photo linker • Single cell transfer, controlled 3D-micro environments for cell tests (e.g. stem cell niche) • Laser soldering, temperature-controlled coagulation of soft tissue and protein
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