Biophotonics Laboratory, IAPS, University of Latvia

Organization Type: Research Country: Latvia Organization Website: Contact Person: Janis Spigulis E-mail address: Address: Skunu 4 Riga, LV-1050 Latvia Phone number: +371 6722 8249
Expertise of the organization:
More than ten original non-invasive and non-contact optical methods and devices for diagnostics/monitoring of skin and cardio-vascular abnormalities developed and clinically tested. Expertise in biomedical optics since 1995 and in fibre optics since 1985. Skills and facilities for device hardware and software development. Copies of publications: Patents of year 2012: WO 2012/002787 A1; LV14444 B; LV 14532 B; PCT/EP2012/063889.

Research interests & project ideas:
Eventual EN+ project topics: - distant photoplethysmography video-imaging system for monitoring of skin microcirculation changes, e.g. for anaesthesia efficiency control during surgeries (patented); - device for distant diffentiation of skin melanoma from other pigmented lesions by parametric spectral imaging; - single-snapshot RGB multispectral tissue imaging by means of a WO-patented method and device; - autofluorescence photo-bleaching based skin lesion diagnostics assistance system; - occlusion-response based optical method and device for early detection and evaluation of sepsis.
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