G.Libert's Innovative microscopy center

Organization Type: Research Country: Latvia Contact Person: Edmunds Tamanis E-mail address: edmunds.tamanis@du.lv Address: Parades Str. 1, Daugavpils, Latvia, LV5400 Phone number: +371 25921174
Expertise of the organization:
G.Liberts Innovative microscopy center is institution of the Daugavpils University. The Center is experienced in nanotechnologies as producing of complex structure nanoclusters and nanostructured surfaces (terminated gas condensation method), XRD, SEM, AFM, electron lithography, laser scanning fluorescent microscopy, digital holography. The unit is experienced in acquisition and preparation of all kinds of samples and has a high competence for new projects.

Research interests & project ideas:
The research interests focus on the application of nanotechnologies in biosensoring and solar cells, as well as nanomaterials safety assessment.
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