Laser Research Unit, School of Dentistry, Univ. Bonn

Organization Type: Research Country: Germany Organization Website: Contact Person: Prof. Matthias Frentzen E-mail address: Address: University Hospital Bonn School of Dentistry Welschnonnenstrasse 17 53111 Bonn Germany Phone number: +49-228-287-22140
Expertise of the organization:
Dental applications (Adaption of laser therapy systems to the clinical application, determination of efficiencies, analysis of side effects) / Investigations of interaction processes between light sources and biological tissues (Histology, SEM, optical profilometry, thermography, µCT, ) / Supply and adaptation of delivery systems for the use in life science / Thermographical investigations of invasive therapeutical measures / Investigations of radiation-induced influences in material science of biomaterials (photo- polymerisation) / Experimental and theoretical investigations in the field of biomechanics and material science

Research interests & project ideas:
Development of optical diagnostic and therapeutic tools in dentistry (Theragnostic systems) for minimal invasive and safe treatments, based on 3 µm and ultra short pulse laser technologies. Clinical application of biophotonic therapeutic technologies in dentistry (decay treatment, periodontology, oral surgery and prevention)
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