Institute of Photonic Technology

Organization Type: Research Country: Germany Organization Website: Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Popp E-mail address: Address: Albert-Einstein-Str. 9 07745 Jena Germany Phone number: +49 (0) 3641 206 300
Expertise of the organization:
Photonics for Life: The main focus of our work is optical solutions to problems in the fields of medicine and the life and environmental sciences. The research focus biophotonics combines all research programs at IPHT. It offers photonic process solutions of the highest sensitivity, efficiency, and resolution that are designed together with the fiber optics and photonic detection research focuses specifically for system solutions. New biophotonic methods in spectro-optical and imaging diagnostics and bioanalytics per se are connected to the research and implementation of corresponding light sources and photonic detection systems. At the same time, biophotonics affects fundamental research with the specific requirements it makes in these research fields. Due to their unique properties and miniaturization capabilities, fiber-optical system solutions are gaining increasing importance.

Research interests & project ideas:
- innovative photonic processes and tools for molecular sensor technology, analytical spectroscopy, and imaging, - research, development, and integration of photonic tools and methods to heighten the specificity and sensitivity in analytical diagnostics and imaging as well as in the basic research of life processes, - applications ranging from clinical diagnostics (e.g., sepsis and cancer diagnostics) to food and environmental safety to basic research in the life sciences, - spectroscopic methods and imaging systems of the highest specificity, sensitivity, and resolution, closely linked to photonic detection and fiber optics, - cooperation with partners from medicine, life and environmental sciences to develop new methodological approaches for these areas and to identify application potentials for photonic technologies
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