Organization Type: Industry Country: Flanders Organization Website: Contact Person: Ronny Bockstaele E-mail address: Address: Dulle Grietlaan 17 9050 Gentbrugge Belgium. Phone number: +32 2727575
Expertise of the organization:
Trinean designs, produces and sells the DropSense system : a unique platform for measuring and analysing the UV/vis absorption spectrum of small and precious samples such as DNA, RNA and proteins. The system consists of : * the DropPlate : a microfluidic disposable for characterising microliter samples with no sample degradation due to evaporation) * the DropSense : a readout instrument with 4+1 channel UV/vis spectrometer) * DropQuant and cDrop software packages for defining measurements and analysing the results. See Trinean has all expertise and know-how on the design of the disposables, instrument and software.

Research interests & project ideas:
Trinean is looking for partners to develop novel applications based on the Trinean platform, making use of one or more technologies : * accuracte UV/vis spectroscopy * microliter disposables This could include time-domain measurements; mix-and-read measurements, and so further. Trinean is looking for partners that have a strong background in (bio)chemical assays or physicochemical measurement methods, where the measurement relies on the UV/vis aborption spectrum of the sample. Trinean can extend his hardware platform for novel measurement methods, and the partners can develop, optimise and validate the novel applications.
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