Ruskinn Technology Limited

Organization Type: Industry Country: United Kingdom Organization Website: Contact Person: Greg May E-mail address: Address: Pencoed Technology Park Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 5HZ Phone number: 01656 864286
Expertise of the organization:
Ruskinn is a manufacturer of incubator workstations for cell biology and microbiology research. Our particular area of expertise is in Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide gas control in to temperature controlled environments.

Research interests & project ideas:
We are seeking partners for real-time in-situ Oxygen measurement in Cell Culture Media and Cell Cultures. The instrument should be able to continually read Oxygen levels within an airtight low Oxygen cabinet and report to a PC for logging. We are also interested in employing UV for sterilisation but in a way compatible with Acrylic plastics. We welcome opportunities to expand our market by combining biophotonics with other applications for Anaerobic and Hypoxic workstations.
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