Laser Center Munich

Organization Type: Research Country: Germany Organization Website: Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Heinz P. Huber E-mail address: Address: Faculty for Applied Sciences and Mechatronics Munich University of Applied Sciences Lothstrasse 34 80335 Munich Phone number: +49-89-1265-1686
Expertise of the organization:
The Laser Centre Munich focuses on basic research in laser materials processing and laser technology. Especially industrial applications of ultrashort pulse lasers are studied and developed. In recent years, industrial-suited selective laser patterning processes of thin films with highest processing speeds for the photovoltaic (efficiency increase to a record level of about 15%) and for biocompatible sensor chips were explored and developed within the framework of some third-party projects (SECIS, METASOLAR, EGMA, total volume approximately 1.5 million Euro). Our equipment comprises two machines for micrometer-accurate laser machining in which our various laser sources (two femtosecond, two picosecond, several nanosecond lasers) can be placed alternately. In addition, a free and flexible laser processing system with motorized axes including an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) is available. Our diagnostic techniques include optical and confocal microscopy, electron microscopy with EDX option, atomic force microscopy (with conductive-AFM module) and a currently unique measurement setup for spatially and temporally resolved study of the ablation processes in the ultrashort time range ("pump-probe ultrafast microscope"). In summary the LHM combines all know-how and equipment for exploring laser material processing under variation of all relevant parameters, to achieve a thorough physical understanding and to develop industry-standard processes.

Research interests & project ideas:
Laser ablation Laser processing with focus on Ultrafast Laser Processing, Ultrafast microscopy (time resolved imaging of laser ablation processes) Wavelength dependency of laser ablation
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