Hospitex Diagnostics srl

Organization Type: Industry Country: Tuscany Organization Website: www.hospitex.it Contact Person: Matteo Fallani E-mail address: mfallani@hospitex.it Address: via Arno 23/25 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Italy) Phone number: +39055374083
Expertise of the organization:
Hospitex Diagnostics is an engineering SME based in Florence (Italy) since 1980 and active in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market. Hospitex develops, manufacture and commercialize automatic and semi-automatic devices and platforms for hospitals and clinical laboratories in the IVD market. Hospitex is very active in R&D: we spend about 20% of our turnover in R&D and we recently coordinated the FP7 EU project NANO-MUBIOP (www.nanomubiop.eu).

Research interests & project ideas:
We are looking for a collaboration with an enterprise/research group with optical/photonics skills and able to develop an optical/photonic detection system to be applied in IVD applications, while Hospitex will develop and manufacture the mechanics, electronic and software of the device and will be the final end-user.
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