Organization Type: Research Country: Catalonia Organization Website: www.cd6.upc.edu Contact Person: Jaume Castellà E-mail address: jaume.castella@upc.edu Address: Rambla de Sant Nebridi 10 008222 Terrassa (Barcelona) Phone number: +34937398901
Expertise of the organization:
Biomedical Instuments: - Gas flow measurement - Pulsioximetry Sensors - Skin color measurement - Spectrophotometric sensors for clinical analysis equipment Biophotonics in vision: - Optical quality measurement - Eye optical aberrations measurement - Cataract objective monitoring - Tear film evaluation - Accomodation evaluation - Intraocular lenses design Optical Metrology: - Ophthalmic industry - Odontology - Medical devices metrology - 3D Metrology applied to the human body - Multispectral and hyperspectral technologies applied to medicine

Research interests & project ideas:
- Development of optical sensors for biomedical appications - New techniques for human vision characterization - Optical metrology techniques applied to medicine
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