Biophotonic Group of Fraunhofer IPT

Organization Type: Research Country: Germany Organization Website: Contact Person: Stephan Stuerwald E-mail address: Address: Fraunhofer IPT Steinbachstrasse 17 D-52074 Aachen Phone number: 0049-241-8904-439
Expertise of the organization:
"Life Science Engineering" is an innovative business unit covered by the Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen. Our purpose is the development of production-related solutions in the field of life sciences. Our service supply covers the whole value chain, including applied research and development as well as production ramp-up and commercialization. Moreover we offer an integrated product, process and facility development for medical technologies and the automation of biological and biomolecular processes. We offer - Development of measuring instruments for minimally invasive surgery - Fiber-optic sensor systems and probe construction - Development of technical solutions for handling cells and tissue - Automation, integration and scaling of complex biological process chains - Selection and versatile processing of biocompatible materials - Design of lab on a chip systems

Research interests & project ideas:
Interested in R&D of - 3D-nanostructures (also scaffolds) for minimal invasive dignostics - (digital holographic) optical trapping techniques - optical coherence tomography - high througput/content microscopy - digital holographic phase contrast microscopy ----------------------------------- Project ideas: -Research for Plasmonic structures Development of new scaffolds - Optical trapping for analytical biotechnology - Raman Activated Cell Counting - For microfluidic applications: Waveguide confined Raman spectroscopy
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