Hochschule Ulm - University of Applied Sciences

Organization Type: Higher Education Country: Germany Organization Website: www.hs-ulm.de/hessling Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Martin Hessling E-mail address: hessling@hs-ulm.de Address: Hochschule Ulm - University of Applied Sciences Department of Mechatronics and Medical Engineering Biotech Lab Steinbeis Transfer Center for Biophotonics and Bioanalytics Albert-Einstein-Allee 55 D-89081 Ulm (Germany) Phone number: +49-731-5028602
Expertise of the organization:
-Optical and spectroscopical instruments for life sciences, e.g. spectrophotometer, MTP- or biochip-reader -low cost (fluorescence) microscopy systems -2D and 3D camera systems -bioreactor analytics with optical probes -disinfection with UV-LEDs -light sources and illumination systems

Research interests & project ideas:
-disinfection with UV-LEDs -bioreactor analytics with optical probes and chemometrical interpretation
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