Fraunhofer Project group for Automation in Medicine and Biolotechnology

Organization Type: Research Country: Germany Organization Website: Contact Person: Nikolaos Deliolanis E-mail address: Address: Theodor-Kutzer-Ufer 1-3 Haus 8 - Ebene 2 68167 Mannheim Germany Phone number: +49 711 970-1308
Expertise of the organization:
The Fraunhofer PAMB project group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology is a joint collaboration between the Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA in Stuttgart and the Medical Center Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg. It's expertise spans in the R&D of devices and systems for lab automation, micromechatronics, automated optical measurement and imaging and systems. Its facilities include specialized laboratories on Network and Electronic systems, Micro-mechanical systems workshops, biotechnology labs, microscopes and spectral measurement and imaging systems. The methods and systems developed are evaluated in collaboration with our clinical partners.

Research interests & project ideas:
RESEARCH INTERESTS: spectral measurements and imaging, macroscopic fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging, multispectral image processing. PROJECT IDEAS: Imaging and detection in minimally invasive surgery or endoscopy. Fluorescence diagnostics.
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