Organization Type: Industry Country: Germany Organization Website: Contact Person: Dr. Fabian Will E-mail address: Address: Garbsener Landstraße 10 D-30419 Hannover Phone number: +49 511 277 2950
Expertise of the organization:
ROWIAK GmbH has established the innovative power of femtosecond laser technology in Life Sciences and Ophthalmic Laser Surgery Market. ROWIAK GmbH combines optical technologies that have already been used successfully as standalone solutions. This creates innovations and products which enables the penetration into new areas and markets. ROWIAK GmbH manufactures innovative opto-electronical products based on this femtosecond laser technology. The product range includes devices for non-contact cutting of biological tissue and various materials as well as instruments for precise non-invasive manipulation and multiphoton imaging of cells and cell structures. The company's laser systems are mainly applied in medicine and pharmaceutics, in biotechnology and genetics as well as in cell and molecular biology. Beyond, material sciences and the industrial processing of a variety of materials offer a field for versatile applications. Furthermore, the company offers services to process tissue or cells using their systems.

Research interests & project ideas:
1. Further development of laser systems for processing, manipulation and imaging of cells, tissue, materials and micro- and model organisms. 2. Development of further applications in research and diagnostics.
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