Organization Type: Industry Country: Tuscany Organization Website: Contact Person: Francesca De Candido Alba E-mail address: Address: Viale De Amicis 99/A Firenze 50137 Phone number: +39055600502
Expertise of the organization:
MECHANICAL DESIGN - for automation of production cycles, for measuring and analysis, for treatment and shipping of natural gases, for carpentry sector; CALCULATION - FEM analysis, termodynamic, mechanical/structural with certification; INDUSTRIALIZATION AND PATENTS - design of prototypes in various sectors (electromedical, lifting,transportation, etc.); CERTIFICATION - According tolegislation of European Community for C.E. MARKING of machines, TECHNICAL BROCHURE (anti-injury systems, production quality, handbooks and schemes).

Research interests & project ideas:
we are looking for partners to develop a new photonic instrument for analising biological tissue or other biological material working at very low temperature. We can also offer our ccoperation for develop mechanical design for automatic and semiatomatic instrument, for structural analysis and certification CE of new system. We have a strong cooperation with Istituto di Astrofisica which can develop some custom opto/elettronical instrument.
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