Agricultural Research Organization - the Volcani Center

Organization Type: Research Country: Israel Organization Website: Contact Person: kathi benish E-mail address: Address: Agricultural Research Organization - the Volcani Center, P.O.B. 6, Bet-Dagan, 50250 Israel Phone number: General: +972-3-9683226; kathi benish:+972-3-9683294
Expertise of the organization:
The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), is the research arm of Israel's Ministry of Agriculture known also as Volcani center. ARO is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the greater part of Israel's agricultural research effort. ARO is concerned with the solving of current problems in agricultural production, with the introduction of new products, processes and equipment, and with research investigations on which Israel's future agricultural effort will be based. The research and development activity of ARO is carried out via the following institutes: Plant Sciences, Animal Science, Plant Protection, Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Postharvest and Food Sciences, and Agricultural Engineering.

Research interests & project ideas:
The following pertain to the research and development activity in water monitoring technology, relevant to the water- and the food industries. In order to ensure the safety of our water, it is critical to closely monitor the microbial quality of the water on a regular basis. Current methodologies rely on bacteriological measurements, which are time-consuming and provide only retrospective results. Hence, a rapid, automatic online Water Contamination Warning-system (WCW) is required in order to provide continuous on-line monitoring of water quality. WCW will enable timely detection of contamination events and early response actions to minimize public health impact. Based on our previous experience with fluorescent spectroscopy as a sensitive method to quantify the presence of biological contamination in water systems, our goal is to develop WCW which is based on fluorescence spectroscopy, data processing, integration and electronic communication. This WCW has the potential be utilized as reliable operational tool in water plants, water distribution systems, as well as in the food industry.
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