Organization Type: Industry Country: Israel Organization Website: Contact Person: Guy F. E-mail address:
Expertise of the organization:
The GARD-Medica is a cardio-signals analysis research group, developing methods to find relations between myocardial functionality, cardio-vibrations, sphygmometry, echo-graphy, ECG signals and some other human medico-physiological conditions, (s. a. blood rheological and other properties). The group has expertise in mathematical physics, sensorics, optical systems, various analogue and digital signal processing techniques, (including resonance and interference phenomena), useful and perturbing noises analysis, characterizations of chaotic states, dynamical adaptive filtering and rapid search in databases.

Research interests & project ideas:
The optical vibro-metric methods above could also be useful in many other applications like: monitoring of the water infrastructure, detection of changes in water quality and others. The GARD-R&D team has been involved in research of Raman fiber spectroscopy for in-vivo tissue spectra analysis; (s.a. specific organic molecules and radicals detection). Development of small xy scaners for scientific or industrial applications.
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