Alta S.p.A.

Organization Type: Industry Country: Tuscany Organization Website: Contact Person: Giovanni Cesaretti E-mail address: Address: Via A. Gherardesca 5 56121 Ospedaletto, Pisa, Italy Phone number: +39050967211
Expertise of the organization:
Alta is an independent SME in the Aerospace Propulsion and Advanced Technology sector, set up in 1999 as a spin-off of the University of Pisa. Alta is one of the foremost centres of excellence in the propulsion and test services sector, employs one of the largest qualified workforces of researchers and engineers in Europe in this niche market, and owns a range of vacuum facilities among the most powerful and varied in Europe. Alta's expertise in plasma technology and vacuum testing has also led to contracts for the terrestrial application of space technology in fields such as urban waste incineration, plasma treatment of materials and distributed energy co-generation.

Research interests & project ideas:
Alta's experience in design and development of plasma sources and control systems for electric thrusters is applied with success to Earth applications such as waste disposal, plasma surface modification and material processing, high and ultra-high vacuum systems design and verification.
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