Organization Type: Industry Country: Tuscany Organization Website: www.divalsrl.com Contact Person: ANNAROSA ARCANGELI E-mail address: info@divalsrl.com Address: VIA MADONNA DEL PIANO, 6 50019 SESTO FIORENTINO (FI) Phone number: +39 055 457 4661
Expertise of the organization:
DIVAL can perform toxicological, pharmacodinamic and biodistributional analyses on drugs, chemical compounds, cell preparations and nanoplarticles. The society can develop and test nanoparticles and antibody-conjugated nanoparticles. Moreover, DIVAL is able to perform in vivo tests and develop new preclinical models based on the orthotopic or heterotopic xenografts of tumor cells and on the production of genetically modified mice.

Research interests & project ideas:
A novel endoscopic surveillance protocol in patients with Barrett's esophagus to predict the progression to esophageal adenocarcinoma using gold nano-particles coated with small chain variable fragments (scFV)
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