Research Projects

Following research projects have been selected for funding under the BiophotonicsPlus Call:

Biophotonic technologies for tissue repair (BI-TRE)
Technological key words:
laser, minimally-invasive treatment, simplified surgical procedures, fast healing
Industrial sectors addressed: medical laser market; surgical items market
Total Project Costs: 2.776.000 €
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An ICU bed-side device for real-time early detection of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) (cheqVAP)
Technological key words:
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia; VAP; SRS; Stimulated Raman Scattering; spectroscopy; clinical diagnosis, ICU, intensive care unit
Industrial sectors addressed:
Health, Insurance, medical device, clinical diagnostics
Total project costs: approx. 2.600.000 €
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Fast Life Cell Structured Illumination Microscopy (FastFibreSIM)
Technological key words:
Optical fibres and fibre components; Fast Life Cell Structured Illumination Microscopy; Superresolution fluorescence microscopy; structured illumination microscopy (SIM); live cell imaging
Industrial sectors addressed: high-end microscopy and microscopy systems,3D fluorescence light imaging, Optical superresolution microscopes,instrumentation for optical instruments
Total project costs: 1.200.000 €
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Fluorescence Lifetime Multiplex Flow cytometry system
Technological key words: fluorescence lifetime, flow cytometry, particles, multiplex bead assay, Bead Coding, lab-on-bead, biochemical analysis, microparticles
Industrial sectors addressed: Diagnostics and Research in Life Sciences
Total project costs: 939.267 €
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Led Technology in Photo Haemostasis (LighTPatcH)
Technological key words: Photocoagulation, wound healing, diabetes,
Industrial sectors addressed: Biomedical, Health, Medicine
Total project costs: 1.503.000 €
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Development of advanced Laser Imaging Techniques for the anterior and   posterior Eye (LITE)
Technological key words: Second harmonic generation microscopy, Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, Adaptive optics, Keratoconus, Age-related macular degeneration
Industrial sectors addressed: Medicine / Healthcare
Total project costs: 1.210.200 €
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Light and ultrasound activated microbubbles for cancer treatment (LUS BUBBLE)
Technological key words: photoacoustic imaging, photoacoustic microsurgery,
plasmonic nanoparticles, digital holography
Industrial sectors addressed: biomedical imaging, noninvasive microsurgery, drug delivery
Total project costs: 999.708 €
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Novel MidIR-Analyzer for blood diagnostics (MIR-lyzer)

Technological key words: POCT, MIR-spectroscopy, blood testing
Industrial sectors addressed: Healthcare, Test equipment manufacturer
Total project costs: 2.100.000 €
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Optical needle sensors for therapy monitoring of inflammatory skin diseases to prevent recidives (PhotoSkin)
Technological key words: Raman spectroscopy, Laser development, Fiber optics
Industrial sectors addressed: medical technology, skin diagnostics
Total project costs: 2.670.786 €
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Rapid development of pharmaceuticals by multimodal in-vivo biodistribution   quantification (RapidPharma)
Technological key words: Organ Biodistribution, Fluorescence-mediated
Tomography, Image Fusion, Automated Segmentation, Fluorescent Fusion Proteins, Orthotopic Tumors, Transgenic Tumor Models
Industrial sectors addressed: Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Medical Imaging, Preclinical Medical Research
Total project costs: 1.545.965 €
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Real-time Multispectral Fluorescence Microscopy using energy-resolving   single-photon detector arrays (REAL-MFM)
Technological key words: biomedical tool, sub kelvin cooling technology, multispectral fluorescence microscopy, biomedical imaging, cell biology
Industrial sectors addressed: instruments for research
Total project costs: 992.000 €
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